Are Our Gods Really Ancient Aliens?

GOD and his existence have often been questioned by our so called modern generation living in science age. They believe everything happening around us has a scientific explanation for it. All the references of GOD in ancient literature are considered to be myths and questioned their existence. These same people who believe in science take help of ancient scriptures about GOD coming down to help the local people to support their theory of Aliens visiting our earth. According to these pundits the so called GOD frequenting our planet were Aliens with high technological advancement. So are our GODs really inhabitant of some distant planet? Are GODs Ancient Aliens?

Are hindu gods really ancient aliens
Are hindu gods really ancient aliens

Some groups have come together and they are digging the ancient literatures and trying to interpret the GODs as Ancient Aliens who frequented our planet in the past. They helped the locals to build mega structures and did miracles. The excerpts from the literatures and carvings are interpreted as some highly advanced technological tools being used by these Aliens to build mega structures or even fly from one place to another. Remember flying carpets from Arabian Nights?

Ancient structures like Pyramids, Stonehenge in England, monuments in India, Ram sethu to Lanka were not humanly possible considering the technological advancement at that period. So how did they manage to build such mammoth structures? Did GOD really help them to build these structures?

Whatever is the reason but people who did not believe in GOD are now trying to prove their existence to support their Ancient Aliens theory. But their demeaning the term GOD by calling them Aliens. How conveniently these guys use the scriptures and literatures written in past to prove their one point and then the same people call them as mythological stories and doubted their existence.

This whole research and documentary on Ancient Aliens has only done good to my belief in GOD. I would still prefer to call them as GOD instead of Aliens who Created (Brahma the Generator), observed and looked after (Vishnu the Observer) and who has the potential to destroy the world (Mahesh – Shiv the Destroyer).  GOD – Generator(Brahma), Observer(Vishnu) and Destroyer(Mahesh).

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