Heir Hunters on their way, are you lucky enough?

People in India must be thinking what is this Heir hunters and what am I talking about. But people in UK are very much familiar with this term as this is a program shown on BBC every morning. Its all about searching for heirs of people who die without any will and have no one related to him to claim his left over fortune. More than 40 million pounds of wealth is left over without any will every year in UK and there are agencies specialised in searching for the heir of the deceased.Hard to believe??
Even I was shocked initially and its a lucrative business for the agencies. There are just few in the market but have earn them fortunes through commissions they get for searching heir of dead people. Its not that easy as you think!!! Lot of efforts are put in to trace down the family tree of the dead. They even go to other countries, especially India (British ruled this country for long and many Britishers had someone related in this country), in search of the lucky heir who will inherit the money from the deceased. No matter if he has never ever seen the dead person, all he need is to be somehow related to him.

When a person dies without any will, his wealth is controlled by government and unless someone comes up within 6 months to claim it, it all goes in national treasure. So the agents have very limited time to hunt down the heirs and get their commission. Its on first come first serve basis for the agents. So its a rat race for them to reach the finish line and have to be on their toes all the time.

Really wonder if we will ever have such thing in India?? We are blessed with so many relatives around, that we will never have such situation. Specially when a person is going to die, you will have flock of relatives surrounding him with a small expectation in heart. Never know when they might get lucky and get some part of the deceased property.

But that lure of money at least bring them close to the dying person and that should be a moment of happiness for the person on death bed to be surrounded by people he know. Dont see any pleasure in dying alone with no one around and neighbours reporting foul smell after few days to police.

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