Enjoy the journey than the destination

People often keep running behind big things in life and in the journey they usually tend to forget or rather ignore small things that give you a sense of happiness and satisfaction. We all aim for high goals in life and why not? But at the same time we should enjoy the journey.

Enjoy the journey than the destination - Life is beautiful

Enjoy the journey than the destination

Last weekend was a long one and I had some wonderful moments in those two days. Along with all my friends, we drove to Lake District from Birmingham. Its around 3 hours drive and more than the destination, I would say the journey was memorable; Natural scenic beauty all along the way with wide open fields, high mountains and flawless grass fields. I always thought that Karan Johar makes larger than life movies with the settings almost non-existent. But I was living a dream throughout the journey and he proved me wrong.

While our way to Carlisle we must have stopped innumerable times on the side road, just to enjoy the beauty. A lake touching the horizon at one end and embraced by mountains on two sides left a breathtaking view. To add on the special effects, could see few yachts sailing on the calm white water. Not far ahead from there, we came across a waterfall of 20 feet height; Needless to say that we had to take another halt there and admire the God’s creativity.

Our way back was more exciting as we had already planned and well prepared this time. We did a small trek to the waterfalls and then later on had a lovely barbeque on the river side. After reaching home, it made me realise how important the journey was rather than the final destination.

We had more fun in small things on our way to destination which made the journey more beautiful and enjoyable. I guess if we apply the same theory to our life, then there won’t be a dull moment at all. Try to find happiness in every small thing you do, it can be anything from making someone happy by doing a favour or watching Mumbai Indians beat Delhi Daredevils.

Always be considerate and happy about little things and achievements in life… they might end up being a lifetime for you!!!!

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