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As usual got up at 7 in morning and was having bath when this thought struck my mind. Is it the God that really help us out of difficult situation or is it the faith in him that does the trick? If you see all the religious preachers, the most important thing they teach is to have a blind faith in HIM and that will bail you out of almost every difficult situation in life. They always teach that whatever happens, happens for your own good and there is definitely something better in future for you. If something bad happens to you or your close ones, the only explanation they have is that God has just kept it to minor tremors rather than a larger earthquake.

Don’t you think that they are just trying to say to be optimistic in life and fills your life with positivity? The more faith you build up in God, the more stronger will be your reaction to any negative thing happening in your life. You will take any big issue that comes your way and will face it whole heartedly. The chances of surviving any disaster in such a frame of mind is more than being a pessimist or a non-believer of God.

So does that mean that those who don’t believe in God wont be able to survive such crisis in life? Not believing in God does not stop you from being a highly optimistic person in life. Many of us either have natural optimistic attitude towards life or we rather build up that attitude towards the course of time. We start believing in ourself and whatever we do. This attitude will only do good to your life without any side effects. People in most of the western developed countries have this attitude towards life, most of the time its cultivated since childhood in schools and at home. They enjoy their life, come what may. Maybe that’s the reason they don’t need religious preachers in life to bail them out of crisis. Very few of them believe in God or are religious.

In India, this attitude towards life doesn’t come naturally. May be that’s the reason there are so many people who choose the path of religious spirituality to build the faith in themselves and positivity in life. Any path you follow, all we try to achieve is being positive towards life and that will solve half of our issues.

Having said all this, I still strongly believe that miracles do happen. In every one of our life, there will be some incident or some achievement that must have occurred which was almost impossible. Getting 100 in physics was not less than a miracle for me after knowing that my first objective question in that exam was definitely wrong. Some things do happen in life which can never be explained and those things happen irrespective of you being positive or negative. Now if that is what is called God’s deed then yes I do believe in God. Even today, if I miss my prayers in morning, my whole day will be some how messed up no matter how much optimistic I try to be. Let me know your views on this :)

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