Friends Forever

It was 5 in the morning and everyone went to their room after celebrating Kapil’s birthday. I had as usual traveled from Stokenchurch to Birmingham to be with my friends. We had a real blast with some very close friends around and were tired after 5 long hours of drinking, laughing and some emotional talks. After everyone left it was just Kapil and me talking and laughing even at 5 in the morning (tumhara koi beta hai??? Shhhhh aaj se main tumhara beta hun.. ha ha ha. That was the joke of the century). The day seemed to be very short and I really wished it lasted long. I had never laughed so much in last five – six months. It made me really think that how important friends are in your life.

I don’t express any emotions especially when it comes to male friends. I keep it to myself but I would really like to dedicate this blog to my friends Kapil, Pawan, Umang, Honey, Manik and Ankit. It was only because of them, I could stay away from my family and still be happy. They have been with me all the time when I needed them the most. I still remember how I use to crib all the time in last 6 – 7 months and they use to listen to me without complaining. And they did all this specially when they were going through hard times. I am really lucky to have friends like them.

Thanks guys for being with me and supporting me in every phase of my life. We all really rock together and I bet that if we write a book or make a movie on our stay in UK, it will be the best seller of all time.

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